Get the Most out of BoundlessPay Native Token

The NEXUS Token is the key to unlocking the full potentials of Boundlesspay. Get even higher earning rates and lowest borrowing rates.

Token Metrics

Token name
Nexus (NEX)
Token type
Cardano network
Total supply
1 Billion NEX
Hard cap
Initial circulating supply
210,000,000 NEX
Initial market cap
Total diluted market cap
Estimated listing date

How to buy

During presale, NEXUS tokens will be available on multiple
launchpads. To buy on NEXUS token during IDO, kindly watch the
video or follow the below instructions:

Fund your wallet

Fund your wallet with BNB and click here.

Connect your wallet

Verify your account and choose your preferred payment method to fund your crypto wallet.

Type amount and click on buy

Select your preferred virtual card with its transaction limit per month or order your physical card and make payment

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