Here are 4 frequently asked questions.
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BoundlessPay (The Ultimate Crypto Bank) is a secure Financial Blockchain application that turns your cellphone into a bank, removes the traditional banking limitations. Services available on the app are: Sending and Receiving funds globally and locally through fiat or cryptocurrency, provides virtual and physical cards, pays utility bills, provides users with savings plan according to preferred budget, converts cryptocurrencies to fiat at discounted rates, Trade and swap crypto currencies, holds coins, Staking, Control and manage your crypto assets through the app.

  • a. Personalized bank account details for all BoundlessPay users.
  • b. Automated Withdrawal and Deposit of funds from your Boundlesspay account
  • c. Higher transaction volumes through our virtual cards both local and globally.
  • d. Budget-friendly savings plans
  • e. Mutual investment funds.
  • You can fund your Boundlesspay via two ways;

  • a. You can fund by sending fiat directly to your personalized Boundlesspay bank account details.
  • b. You can fund your Boundlesspay wallet address via a crypto address.
  • Withdrawals from the Boundlesspay app are by two processes.
    A. Withdrawing via cryptocurrencies on the boundless app you can use the email and phone number feature (which is free from transaction charges) to fellow Boundlesspay users. Or you send to other blockchain services by wallet addresses (standard charges are needed set by the Blockchain service provider).
    B. Withdrawing funds to your bank account or to family, friends, or business clients

    Open Your App >Login >To the Bottom Right Click on Settings>Click on KYC Verification (Level)>Proceed To Provide The Required Identity Card Details Then Submit.

    KYC Level 1 You’re on Level 1 if you’ve added your bio information and Bank Verification Number (BVN) Level 1 Limits:
  • You can withdraw or deposit an unlimited amount of fiat in your local currency.
  • You can withdraw or deposit an unlimited worth of cryptocurrencies.
  • You can deposit an unlimited amount of cryptocurrency from another wallet.
  • KYC Level 2 You’re on Level 2 if you’ve confirmed your NIN (National Identification Number) on Boundlesspay. Level 2 Limits:
  • You can request our virtual card
  • You can transact up to $10,000 or N 1,000,000 per transaction
  • You can deposit an unlimited amount of cryptocurrency from another wallet.
  • You can request our physical Boundlesspay card.
  • Boundlesspay services can be accessed in over 5 continents (24 countries including UK and US).

    8. What benefit do I get from referring my friends to Boundlesspay?
    a. You get free cryptos as sign-up bonus by the use of your refferal code.
    b. Get a referral bonus when your sign-ups do any transaction in the app.
    c. get $1 referral on the first swap transaction made by any of your sign ups